Sony Annual Report

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Letter to Shareholders: A Message from Howard Stringer, CEO
Dear Shareholders Operating Results in Fiscal Year 2010 Focus Areas for Growth Networked Products and Services 3D World Competitive Advantages through Differentiated Technologies Emerging Markets

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Competitive Advantages through Differentiated Technologies

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Special Feature:

Sony’s “Exmor R ”

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For more information on Sony’s financial performance, corporate governance, CSR and Financial Services business, please refer to the following websites. 2011 Annual Report on Form 20-F Corporate Governance Structure CSR Report Financial Services Business (Sony Financial Holdings Inc.)

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Letter to Shareholders: A Message from Howard Stringer, CEO


Dear Shareholders,
A review of the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011 (fiscal year 2010) must first mention the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred near the end of the fiscal year.  On March 11, at 2:46 p.m. local time, East Japan was struck by a 9.0-magnitude earthquake, immediately followed by a giant tsunami, which had, in addition to the tragic loss of life and property, a profound psychological and financial impact on the people of Japan. No one who works for Sony suffered major injuries or lost their lives in this disaster. However, some of our colleagues, their family members and friends sadly did suffer grievous losses. I am sure that there are shareholders who were directly affected by the quake, and I would like to begin by expressing my profound condolences to all who were affected by this disaster. You are in my prayers.  While the scars of the disaster were still fresh, I visited Sony’s Sendai Technology Center, the first floor of which had been heavily damaged when the tsunami swept through. In the tense hours after the quake, our resourceful Sony colleagues ensured the safety of the many people who had fled and taken refuge in the facility. They made boats out of containers found in their building to rescue local residents carried aloft by the tsunami. They also ferried food and other supplies to employees and neighbors in evacuation spots.  These were just a few of the many, many acts of bravery, generosity and ingenuity that so deeply impressed me. These acts, along with the patience and perseverance shown by those affected, have come to characterize the spirit of fukutsu no seishin (“never give up”) that has helped to guide Japan through this challenge. I am extremely proud of the courageous way Sony employees in Japan have coped with the tremendous difficulties they have faced.  Sony Group companies and employees both in Japan and overseas generously responded to those in need. More than 70,000 Sony employees from around the world contributed hundreds of millions of yen from their own pockets, which we doubled through our matching program. Millions of dollars were generated through a charity album, Songs for Japan, produced by Sony Music Entertainment with other music majors. Between these and many other charitable activities, including corporate donations of cash and countless Sony products as well as sending volunteer employees to the affected regions, the Sony Group has contributed to the rebuilding of East Japan, and these activities will continue.  I have no doubt that Japan will be an even more vibrant...
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