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Marketing Project

Group 4
Estela Arapi
Jonida Çilotaj
Arjola Mura
Elvis Simaku

Fall 2011
Principles of Marketing
Dr. Perparim Dervishi
Marketing Project-Outline

1. An executive summary; by: Elvis
2. Company Background and Profile; by: Elvis
* Historical Data;
* Company’s main category of products and services;
* Company’s economic and financial performance;
3. Marketing environment analysis: by: Jonida
* A Macro-environment forces analysis;
* A Micro-environment forces analysis/or (Michael Porter-5 forces model of Industry analysis) 4. Company’s Resources and competences analysis; by: Jonida * Company’s vision and goals;

* Company’s SWOT analysis;
5. Company’s Market and Customer Analysis: by: Estela
* Market segmentation and targeting;
* Company’s positioning and target customers;
* Development of Customer relationship;
6. Company’s marketing growth and development strategies: by: Estela * Market penetration strategy;
* Market development strategy;
* Product development strategy;
* Diversification strategy;
7. Company’s competitive strategies; by: Arjola
* Market leader;
* Market challenger;
* Market follower;
* Market niche
8. Company’s Marketing Mix strategies: by: Arjola
* Product and Branding strategies;
* Promotions strategies;
* Prices Strategies;
* Distribution/Place strategies;
9. Company’s Marketing Plan for its future development: * Marketing Objectives and Business strategies; by: Arjola * Company’s Financial Plan by: Jonida
* Company’s Marketing implementation plan; by: Estela
10. Any additional/extra elements in the project;
11. Conclusions and Recommendations

Sony Corporation can be defined as a group or a conglomerate company. Sony Corporation is composed of different business units such as: Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Picture Entertainment, Sony Electronics, Sony Music Entertainment, Sony Financial Holding, SonyEricsson and many other units worldwide. Sony has seven business segments that are: The Consumer Professional Device (CPD) segment which manufactures and sells televisions, semiconductors, batteries, cameras, audio videos, data recording and other equipment. The Network Products Service (NPS) segment develops, designs, and sells game consoles, personal navigation systems, game software, personal computers, laptops, and portable devices. The movie segment produces television programs and movies. The Music segment produces music and animation entertainment. And finally, the SonyEricson segment is for mobile communication. Sony is mainly concentrated in the electronics and entertainment department, but they also operate in other segments such as communication and the financial sector. The Finance segment banking services, insurance services, and credit finance services.

After World War II ended, in late 1945, Masaru Ibuka opened a shop in Tokyo where he would repair radios. A year later, he was joined by Akio Morita who he had worked with during the war at Precision Instrument Co. testing and produced equipments that were used by the Japanese military. Together they founded, in 1946, the Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Corporation. Ibuka was a visionary man; he wanted to develop something that the general public would benefit from. In 1949, he and his company completed the first magnetic tape prototype. A year later they launched the first recording tape and named it “Sony Tape”. Also in that year, the G-Type magnetic recorder was launched. But this was only the beginning for them. “In March 1952, Ibuka decided to visit the United States for a three-month inspection tour. Everything Ibuka saw and heard astonished him. Being an automobile enthusiast, Ibuka heaved a deep sigh as he gazed at an array of big American cars in the front of a used car...
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