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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Let’s start with how to perform the ultrasound scan. Sonographers use transducers, and other equipment, to study the shape and form of organs, muscles and soft tissue in the body. The scans are usually performed on a specific area of the body to be studied. A topical solution is applied to a small area on the patient’s body first before the scan is conducted. Then the sonographer uses the transducer to perform the scan on the area where that solution was applied. The transducer is a hand held mechanism that measures high-frequency sound waves when it is placed upon the patients skin. It sends out the waves and in turn they reflect off of the body’s internal organs. The returning sound waves or echoes are then displayed as an image on a monitor. By measuring the waves, you can determine how far away an object is, the size and shape of the object. You can also measure the consistency of the object, whether it is solid of full of fluid. You are able to see the objects length, and width by capturing the images. The sonographer organizes the images by patient , interprets the results of these images, and relay the results to a physician. The physician takes this information and then evaluates the images scanned, and decides to diagnose the patient and monitor the patients progress.

On a daily basis, sonographers spend hours capturing and reproducing images of the patients organs, muscles and soft tissue in specific areas of the body. The images are in real-time and are gathered to monitor the appearance of tissues and organs or abnormalities. Over the years with new technological developments, sonographers have processed scans that are 2d,3d and 4d images. This cutting edge technology, which is non-invasive or minimally invasive procedure, has no adverse effects on the body. The scan usually is complete within one hour or less, depending on the type of ultrasound and does not require recovery time. It is imperative for physicians, and their...