Sonnys Blues

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  • Published : November 11, 2010
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Cody Slone

Professor Slone

English 101

27 September 2010

Music played through the centuries has always symbolized a mood or feeling of the artist. We all have songs that we can relate our

current satiations with. In “ Sonnys Blues” it shows us how people can relate thru music and how it can lift ones life hardships and

pressures of the world. The statement the story makes about the relationship of art to life is that music can help an individual vent and

help the sooth he mood of a person. It gives many instances in the reading of a hardship Sonny must overcome.

Sonnys father was an alcoholic throughout his childhood and this exposure could have easily lead to his addiction of heroin. The

shock of his fathers death was also very hard on the young Soony. His mother seeing the path that her son was leading, gave advice

his older brother to try and secure the safety of her child but the warning was over looked. His schoolmates pressured him and the

troubles of life left him with no choice as it seemed to him to be lead down this road. Sonny soon found himself alone without the

protection of anyone. He had lost contact with his brother his mother Slone 2

was dead and he had been kicked out of a home in which didn’t like the thought of him playing music which may have fueled him

more towards the piano he sought refuge in. Was it love of music or the thought of refuge that willed Sonny to play the piano? There’s

no question that Sonny loved music and playing the piano, but seeking a way to distance himself from the rigorous path his life was

taking is a key player into how Sonny would someday overcome all the...
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