Sonny Blues

Topics: Blues, Music genre, Jazz Pages: 4 (1477 words) Published: March 28, 2012
Kellon Meighoo
Sharon Ballentine
English 1302-304
25 March, 2011
Sonny’s Blues Essay
Blues is a genre of music that usually speaks about depression. This was the type of music that almost led to a man’s downfall. Sonny is this man who loves this music from ever since he was a young man. His love for this music added to Sonny’s influence on drugs. His only brother lacks the support that he needs and this was the start of a destructive relationship between the two brothers. There was no brotherly love for a long time between these two brothers and blues was the cause. This music played a very important role in the relationship of these two brothers. In the short story “Sonny’s Blues,” by James Baldwin, “blues” represents Sonny’s addiction and message to his brother because the music forms a bond between these two brothers rough relationship. Blues is a major part of Sonny’s life. He has a love for this type of music and he can see himself playing and listening to this type of music for the rest of his life. This is the only thing Sonny wants to do with his life. When Sonny moves into Isabel’s parent’s house shortly after his mother passed away, he began to take this music very seriously. He practices continuously on the piano in his new home. Sonny began to skip school and this was the beginning of the downfall in his life with the influence of this music in his life. Isabel parents came down on Sonny horribly about his music addiction after being informed that he was skipping school. The author lets the reader know, “they penetrated his cloud, they had reached him. Even if their fingers had been a thousand times more gentle than human fingers ever are, he could hardly help feeling that they had stripped him naked and were spitting on that nakedness” (Baldwin 55). Sonny could not fight this pain. He felt as if his dreams were crushed and he was not willing to accept this. Sonny acknowledges that music which was life or death to him had been torture to...
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