Sonny's Blues

Topics: English-language films, Comedy, Kill Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: November 11, 2010
Lado Bazuashvili

According to the quote “We need to stop talking about the American dream and start talking about the dreams of Americans.” This quote means that you should stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about the nation of our country America. I agree with the quote because some people worry about themselves too much than their nation. “Sonny’s Blues” By James Baldwin, and The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien are the two Things that illustrates the thoughts of their nation America.

The Characters In “Sonny’s blues” represent a wide range about human nature. For example, Sonny is a character with very non serious sense of humor and he is drug addict his brother (narrator) is character with good sense of humor and he was not drug addict. Sonny is the musician But he cared mostly about himself and not about the nation but narrator he cared about the nation and place where he was more then just himself. Furthermore most of the other people in Harlem were drug addicts and had no reason to live, this is the reason why Sonny wanted to leave Harlem just because he wanted to stop being drug addict.

Flashback takes the reader to an earlier part of the story. The Flashbacks of the Sonny’s blues was when the Sonny told his brother that he wanted to be musician and he did became musician and he also told him that it was his dream to leave Harlem and he joined army so he could leave Harlem, narrator also joined to the army and also another flashback of the story is when narrator talks to his mom about brother and mom made narrator to promise to look after sonny they meet after narrator’s daughter’s death and they start talking...
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