Sonny's Addiction Overcome by His Music

Topics: Drug addiction, Heroin, Addiction Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: June 17, 2012
Music especially jazz is one of Sonny’s motivation in life. He loves the way it feels when he plays for hours on a piano, is like telling a story through his finger movement on the pianos note. His heroin addiction has made him one of the most loneliest person in the story, especially because he was incarcerated due to his addiction and was away from his brother which was suppose to be his support in life. Although his brothers views Sonny’s heroin addiction wrong, Sonny overcomes his addiction and shows he can cope by other means. He proves his brother that he can come out of his addiction and use his music to help him get out of it.

Ever since Sonny was little he had this passion about music, he is able to express through it all his feelings even his frustration about life. Sonny states that his brother thoughts about him liking jazz music so much makes him doubt about Sonny been someone big in life. His brother was always giving him his back on that and many other things. That is why he wanted to move out of Harlem the little town he lived in. Sonny wanted to move on and try to change his future from what other young guys were doing there were he lived. Unfortunately that fails and Sonny enters in this hole of darkness where he tries to do things on his own and ends up trap in the addiction of heroin and living life like the corrupted neighbors of his.

After been incarcerated due to his heroin use, Sonny tries to get back to normal life and tries to break his addiction letting his feeling flow though his fingers and playing piano at certain places of Harlem. Sonny and his brother try to get back together and be close again after been separated for years. Still Sonny’s brother does not believe that Sonny has change his life and still treat him like a drug addict going through his stuff and watching him closely. Instead of helping him and been a support he is not even accepting him. Sonny expresses himself and states “the terrible feeling of walking...
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