Sonnet 73

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Sonnet 73
Marissa Brown
Writing 122
In Sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare, he describes scenes of nature at a time of their endings to place pictures in mind of how he feels he is losing his youth. He feels his life has little time left like leaves on a tree towards the end of fall. In realizing this, he knows he doesn’t want to be completely gone such as the “sunset fadeth in the west”. He wants to be continued to be loved and remembered such as ashes that are left after a burning fire.

As Shakespeare looks upon a tree, he notices the yellowing of the leaves of the few that are left hanging from the cold branches. The sky darkens and the day ends only to awaken us with the light of a new day. Shakespeare wants to paint pictures in our minds of nature and how we all eventually come to our end.

His emotions bring him to realize everything he has done on this earth has mattered or has been important in some way. He knows he is losing his youth but he doesn’t want to let it go quite yet. He would like to hang on only a little bit longer. He doesn’t want to just break lose such as a leaf would from a tree but rather slowly burn out and leave the remains of himself like a fire leaves ashes.

Shakespeare is also talking to someone in Sonnet 73. He doesn’t want this person to forget about him after he has passed. He would like this person to not only remember his love but to remember what all he has accomplished in his life time and perhaps he wants to be remembered by not only one, but by many. He doesn’t want his work or the relationships he has built to pass with him as he goes.

In William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 73, he not only comes to the realization that his life is coming to an end and that there is little time left, but he realizes that he wants to be loved and remembered for all he has done in his life time. Sonnet 73 doesn’t only appear to be a realization but also a goodbye to someone he loved dearly. He is telling that person not to forget him once he...
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