Sonnet 18

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William Shakespeare – an actor, writer, and poet worked beyond his talents and created his own language, writing style, and poetic technique. Shakespeare wrote an abundance of sonnets, and while writing them, he manipulated the style, and recreated his own. Shakespearean style focused on an abab cdcd efef gg, rhyme scheme, and delayed the resolution until the last two lines, with a twelve-two line division. Sonnet 18, by William Shakespeare, expresses his technique and shares Shakespeare’s on perspective with humans and Nature.

Sonnet 18 problem is established in the first four quatrains, in which he described the beauty of a man to the beauty of Nature’s summer day. Through the quatrains, Shakespeare evokes the assumption that the man dear to him has deceased, and yet his beauty still lives. Through use of repetition and alliteration, Shakespeare emphasizes such ideas that “this” poem is the solution to the problem – that this piece of art is what keeps the man spirit eternal. In addition, “And” suggested the feeling of death; since that the lines show the coldness of death slowly overcoming is complexion, and his fairness began to decline. The rhyme scheme enables a flow in the poem for his audience to easily follow and comprehend. It’s styled such that, as the reader gradually progresses through the poem, they are brought further into the “awe” in the climax. Shakespeare expresses his feelings of death through Sonnet 18 – that it is a part of Nature, and a natural occurrence which one should not grieve over, but remembers the beauty of. He felt as if to live eternal is to live through art, and to live through art expresses life.
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