Sonnet 18

Topics: Love, Meaning of life, Poetry Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: February 21, 2013
We live in the world, where people are driven by passion, dreams, needs and love. Among these values love is the most amazing power, which changes people life and destiny. During our lifetime they experience different types of love; however the most expiring love is always dedicated to their loved. Poets, writers, scientist try to express the existence of true love, which can live forever. Does the true, immortal love exist? Do people can keep loving only one person all life? These questions are actual and meaningful today. Most people were taught to believe that the true love exits. Fairy-tales invest the value of love into child heart from the early beginning. Later, reading different poems, stories, novels create our own imagination about it. According to Sonnet 18, “You are more lovely and more constant” describes that people experience true love. They also can be inspired by it to create something great like Sonnet 18. To be faithful and truthful is not easy in our life. Due to losing the meaning of real love or being selfish, not all people love the same person all life. Different believes, jobs, charters are some of the reasons to lose the fidelity to loved. Does it mean that people cannot love one person? Does it mean that true love died? Sonnet 18 “Because in my eternal verse you will live forever” states that it is possible to keep loving one person all life, even after life. Moreover, there are some old couples in my town who treat each other as good as they just met. They experience even more strong feelings. They are evidences of the immortal love. In summary, there is true love. People are able to love the same person all life. Sonnet 18 testifies its existence and inspires on beautiful actions for loved. Let’s keep believing in this value and realizing it in our life
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