Sonic vs Chick-Fil-a

Topics: Fast food, Restaurant, Hamburger Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: November 9, 2010
A college university is all about the fast pace schedules and the on-the-go movement throughout the day, but when the time slows down and your stomach begins to growl you want something that will satisfy those hunger urges. At The University of New Mexico there are many convenient restaurants on campus in business for students, staff, and visitors. In the well-known Student Union Building (SUB) restaurants such as Saggio’s, Dos Hombres, and Time Square Deli are open to the public, but if you are looking for that fast fulfilling takeout food, Sonic and Chick-fil-A are the best places to attend.

The reality of having available eating establishments on a university campus is ideal to many college students and faculty members. While waiting to receive your order at these restaurants, your anticipation level may become unbearable to handle because both restaurants have high popularity and long, time consuming lines. In the line at Chick-fil-A you feel anxious to get your food, open your bag, and take the first bite of the warm buttery bread with the crisp pressure cooked chicken and the two perfectly placed dill pickles in between. Similar, at Sonic you get excited for their many ice cold flavored slushes and drinks, and smothered to perfection chili coney dogs or all American satisfying cheeseburger with onion rings.

The location of both Sonic and Chick-fil-A is quite pleasing because it is placed in a building every scholar and worker should know and recognize because it is built more or less in the middle of the campus. Having the advantage of both fast food restaurants on campus, so close to each other, gives students more time to focus on class assignments rather than how far and how long it will take to have lunch at a food venue off-campus. When in a hurry, these restaurants offer the public a chance to have their food on-the-go so people are able to move forward with their day. However, due to their high demands and popularity, the speedy customer service...
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