Song Selection

Topics: Polly Draper, Sick, The Young Ones Pages: 1 (314 words) Published: April 20, 2013
We have chosen a song entitled ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly’ and our target group is Year Two students. Basically, this song tells about Miss Polly, a little girl who desperately wants her father to play with her. She makes her doll sick and finally manages to get her father’s attention. This song is selected because it meets the requirement of exposing students with ‘World of Stories’ theme. Therefore, as students watch the video clip and sing along the song, they will be immersed with the characters which eventually infuse their self-character-building. Moreover, the presentation of this song using video is apt to one of the KSSR principles which is the integration of ICT in classroom. Next, we have chosen this song because it is relevant to some pedagogical principles of teaching songs to young learners too. First of all, the content of this song is relevant to the topic as required in Year 2 KSSR syllabus. Likewise, the song will be presented through video. According to (2012), learning through media is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Hence, by watching video and listening to the voices, students will then improve their reading and speaking skills. It is also in line with Malaysian culture since the lyrics and video clip promote self-respect towards elderly people and love towards the young ones. Love between a father and his daughter is portrayed in the video clip. Hence, students will eventually learn positive value such as caring and respect. Other than that, sentence structures in this song are suitable for students’ proficiency level because it is readable to students at age eight. It contains simple vocabulary such as nouns and lists of adjectives such as ‘safe’ and ‘happy’. It also comprises a lot of repetitive words such as ‘sick’ and ‘quick’ which makes students understand the song better.
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