Song of Solomon

Topics: Family, Toni Morrison, African American Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Sona Ramnani
Professor Blumberg
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“Then she felt the magic, the African mystery. Say she rose just as free as a bird. As light as a feather” (Hamilton 3)

A tale that liberates most, an African mystery, moves generations of Africans as well as other races with a sense of liberation. “The People Could Fly” gives people a wishful fulfillment. The story is a thorough fantasy of suffering and of magical powers to reach the liberation the people once had. Flying, is an escape. It leaves one in complete release. “The People could fly” folktale almost makes those who hear it think that people can actually fly to freedom. However, when reaching this freedom, there are costs. Leaving ones family behind, or consequences of the escape. Nonetheless, it must have been done. In Toni Morrison’s novel Song of Solomon, she liberates us with this sense of flying and escape. The novel, Song of Solomon’s characters accept human flight as a natural occurrence, kind of like the folktale shows it, to liberation. Song of Solomon begins with a suicide attempt from an African American man. Instead of trying to get him down, people simply watch and observe rather then prevent his leap thinking that his flight to liberation may be possible. Throughout the rest of the novel, Morrison traps the reader in themes of struggle for family relationships, the importance of ones name, and independence “The fathers may soar
And the children may know their names”
 This quote foreshadows Milkman, the main character’s, journey throughout the novel and his own pursuit of freedom and flight. This quote also is subject to the bond between father and son. Milkman has always been distant with his family in some ways and mostly with his father. When receiving the nickname “Milkman”, “It did nothing to improve either one’s relationship with his father” (Morrison 15). Macon Dead was a man with no depth. His cares revolved around money and material items, and showing any sign...
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