Song Interpretation

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Song Analysis and Interpretation
1.Title of the song
Through Glass

Stone Sour

3.Type of Song
Alternative rock

4.What was the song all about?

This song makes me think of reality and the actual scene of the world we lived in. Thus, our minds were corrupt by the media and giving praises to the stars that are not in their own identity perhaps “fake” people. We are bombarded and controlled by media and tell the people how life is supposed to be and it seems that they are telling us that life is presumed the way they tell us.

5.What is your interpretation on the content / words used in the song? •The words that were used in the song were complex because it does not really emphasize who is being dedicated and it has strong lyrics. However, the content also implies the pertaining life of those glamorous stars behind the glass. Also, it has a concept on what people sees you without knowing you deeply as what the lyrics says “SO WHILE YOUR OUTSIDE LOOKING IN DESCRIBING WHAT YOU SEE REMEMBER WHAT YOUR STARING AT IS ME”.

6.What is the main message of the video?
In the music video, the plastic scenery is shown: the cliché, vacant, celebrity party where we're seeing all these fake people. We're actually seeing celebrity culture and consumer culture magnified in a way that diverts people from thinking about their real image into a very innocent people. But in the end, they turned into cut-outs and were removed in the picture. Hence, the video tells us that we are just looking through glass and it means we’re just seeing the substantial look of a person and not what’s inside of them.

7.In your own idea, how can you relate the content of the song to the society? •Drawing a thin line, the content of the song really relates in our society. Because media is a powerful tool that can influence and manipulate many people and can lead to a controllable humanity. Hence, it can make a dirty action that people can be capable of...
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