Song Analysis for "Home" from Beauty and the Beast

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Song Analysis
“Home” From Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast starts off with a handsome man, turned into a Beast due to a curse that can only be broken by having a woman fall in love with him before the time runs out. The main character, Belle, is captured by the Beast in return of letting her father go free from being his prisoner. After a series of altercations, Belle and the Beast get along but Beasts presence is found out by the community and a mob is out to get him. After being stabbed, Belle tells the Beast she loves him before the time ran out, transforming him into the healthy and attractive man he once was. They lived, like all fairy tales, happily ever after.

Belle is a gorgeous and intelligent young woman. Everyone in her town is captivated by her beauty that they do not pay attention to her love of reading. She had even refused the marriage of the good-looking antagonist, Gaston, because he loved her for her looks only. Not only is Belle beautiful but the love for her father is infinite. She set her father free from captivity of the Beast by allowing the Beast to confine her in his castle instead. I find many characteristics of Belle in myself.

I, like Belle, love reading. Many people are actually astounded by the fact that reading is something I’m passionate about, much like the townspeople were about Belle. The largest trait Belle carries that I find deep within myself is the love she has for her family. She risks everything she has to save her father, just as I would have for any of my family members.

The song “Home” is sung the night Belle is enslaved in the castle and refused to join the Beast for dinner. The song is meant to show her animosity toward the Beast, and move the story forward through her feelings. It comes at a point where she is no longer scared, but bitter towards the entire situation. The setting in which the song is placed in the 18th century in both a small town in France and a large castle outside the town....
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