Son Og Satan

Topics: Boy, Girl, Female Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Son of Satan

Son of Satan is about tree boys at the age of 11 and 12 years old who beat up a boy named Simpson because he lies about having sex with a girl under one of the boys’ house. The tree boys: Hass, Morgan and the I person are sitting in I’s backyard talking about Simpson, who is a well behaved innocent boy with freckles all over his face, because he claims that he fucked a girl under I’s house. Therefore they decide to have a little visit at Simpsons place. They start to humiliate and threaten him, but then they beat him and force him to go with them back to I’s backyard where they hold a kangaroo court. The I person says “All those who think this man is guilty of lying about fucking a little girl under my house will now say guilty” And of cause all three boys raised their hands. The I person takes a rope from the garage, makes a noose, and hangs Simpson. Afterwards they leave the backyard, but after a short while the I person gets a bad conscience so he runs back and unties the rope whereupon he goes for a long walk up the driveway and down to the boulevard. When he gets back, his father has come home. He asks where he has been and what has happened in the backyard earlier. The father tells that he has been talking to Simpson parents and that he had to pay them to be quiet. He starts to hit him and says “You are surely the Son of Satan, you are not my son!” The I person hides under the bed, and the story ends with the I person is lying under the bed, waiting for the next thing.
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