Son of Satan

Topics: First-person narrative, Hanging, Violence Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: January 31, 2012
Son of Satan


The first person narrator is sitting with his two friends Hass and Morgan, and they figure out that a boy named Simpson needs to be punished, as he claims to be having sexual intercourse with a girl under the narrator's house. They head down the lane to find and punish Simpson. They find him all by himself playing handball against his garage. They encircles him, and start questioning him whether he have been sexual active under anyone's houses lately. Then they begin bullying Simpson with his mother and his freckles. They eventually start beating him, and Simpson pleas for mercy. The narrator at some point feels a bit of pity for Simpson, and consider letting him go, but as he is the youth leader, he decides that it would be a sign of weakness. Instead he turns to more drastic measures, ordering Simpson to march over to the narrator's backyard. There they hold a kangaroo court, convicting of lying and sentence him to death by hanging. The gag Simpson, and the narrator finds a suitable robe for the cause. Simpson tries to flee, but Hass chase him down, and send a flurry of punches at him. The narrator commands Hass to stop hitting Simpson, as an act of displaying who is the leader of their small gang. They begin the hanging, but Morgan is getting cold feet and questions whether they should for fill the verdict, but the narrator repeats that his guilty and that he shall be hung. They hang Simpson so he barely can reach the floor, and they run for the getaway. Hass and Morgan hides in their own houses, but a the narrator is unable to do so, as Simpson is getting hang in his backyard. He decides to go back to the scene of crime, and there he untie the robe, and in doubt if Simpson is dead or alive, he threatens him not to snitch them to anyone, or else he is surely going to be dead. Afraid of being present near the half-dead body of Simpson, he walks away, and as all the adrenalin settles, he starts wondering if it was an act of evilness or an...
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