Son Gone Home by Langston Hughes: Conflicts Between a Mother and a Son

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Son Gone HomeKayla Van Vliet
By. Langston HughesApril 7, 2013
Pg. 792
Question 4 (pg. 77)
In the story Son Gone Home by Langston Hughes, a mother and son who are having some conflicts in their life. The son had passed and away, and the mother is in morning of her dead son. She speaks to her son, asking him to come back, to talk to her. The son reappears in a spiritually way and talks to his mother. Telling her how she has been a terrible mother to him. He tells her that that she did a poor job feeding him and that the doctor said that he was undernourishment. Meaning he never had enough food when he was little or the right kind of foods. He tries to explain to her that she never really cared for him. That the only things she worried about was herself. Another conflict that was brought up was that the mother lost an opportunity to marry a good man, why she couldn’t marry him was she had a child with another man. No man wants to raise another’s man child. These conflicts are related because it all says that she didn’t care for her son. That the mother only cared about what she wanted. The resolution of this play is that the mother wanted to buy some flowers for her son’s grave but in order to do that she had to make at least a dollar, but her attitude still didn’t seem like she cared too much about her son.
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