Somthing from Nothing

Topics: Time, Watch, Clock Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Alexa Lawson
December 14, 2012
AP Language & Composition

“When the Final Tick Tocks…”

A clock.
Not much comes to mind when people think clock. People are so dependent on these mechanical resources, yet the mere sight of one is not appreciated.

A world without clocks, most people can’t imagine such a thing because we are so accustomed to it. Some people lose their mind when they have nothing to tell them the time of the day. So what is a world without clocks? The comedians of the popular website took on the task of answering such a question in their skit “A world without clocks...” They take former president Bush and portray him as the “eliminator” of all clocks and go through major regions of the world trying to depict how they would react to a world without clocks, from never ending news broadcasting to the horrible circumstances of people not being able to regularly update their social networking status. Even though the skit was used as a mean of entertainment and highly exaggerated they have a point, life without time is chaotic and unbearable.

Clocks help us to keep up with time. Time is very important to us. We run on time, it seems as if we have always had time to control how we live. From ancient time with we have be dependent on clocks to tell us time. We need time science proves this. Author Douglas Adams was able to mock the weaknesses of modern people, including our obsession with digital wristwatches. And many people if they observe themselves can see that his book even through being etirly science fiction, is truthful. Keeping track of time is certainly important to many people.

This brings us to the fact that we, the people, don’t control time. Time controls us. Not just in the sense of time keeping. Of course we use clocks and time to keep track of our everyday time, but no matter what you do time won’t stop for you. “The clock won’t stop. Not for me. Not for you. When that final tick tocks and you are forever...
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