Sometimes, It Takes a Woman to Solve a Murder

Topics: Susan Glaspell, Wife, Frank Lloyd Wright Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Haward Almonte
American Literature (ENG220-10)
Professor Tomasita Ortiz
Sometimes, It Takes a Woman to Solve a Murder

Trifles, something of a little importance or value Susan Glaspell’s “trifles”, A society that feels like men are against women, and the women is the something of little importance or value, but perhaps it may the other way around. Two women and three men entering a house on a winter day is how we start off. We find out that Mr. Wright is dead with two men being the sheriff and the county attorney, while the third person finds about Mr. Wrights death. The two women are the wives of the witness and the sheriff. There has been a crime we learn from the men talking. Mrs. Wright has died while he slept by being hung. The prime suspect is Mr. Wright’s wife. No proof has been obtain, just a mere assumption that she did.

While in the house the county attorney states, “Minnie Wright, was not much of a housekeeper.”(Glaspell 253) The attitude that he displayed towards the two women was frivolous and disdainful. The two women, figured out that Minnie wright did commit the crime, where they supposed to not be the brains throughout the play, but the reason why Minnie wright did do the crime as well. The two men nothing, but making lots of assumptions while trying to look for a cause and investigating the scene of the crime, are supposed to be the superior, but find out nothing. The two women draws a logic conclusion on the reason why Minnie wright killed her husband while he slept by strangling him was because, Minnie wright had a song bird that was rung by its neck is what Mr. Wright did to it. One of the two women Mrs. Hale says to Mrs. Peters the second women, “I wish you’d seen Minnie foster when she wore a white dress with blue ribbons and she stood up there in the choir and sand.”(Glaspell 258) Turning Mr. Wrights wife from a charming and beautiful women into an empty shell of a women she once was, that was in reference.

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