Somethings Gotta Give

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  • Published : September 8, 2010
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Film Analysis: Something’s Gotta Give
When Harry (Jack Nicholson) said “You know I’m not good at being monogamous, right?” to Erica (Dianne Keaton) in the film, Something’s Gotta Give, everyone in the room watching began to laugh. She soon replied “Monogamous? Please. I hardly know you.” Erica sure enough was getting closer and closer to Harry each day that they spent together in Erica’s luxurious beach house. However, the two barely knew each other, and some would call their personalities opposite, but they did have one thing in common. The way that they inspired to get to know each other is a good example of the Uncertainty Reduction Theory. After reading and doing online research about interpersonal communication theories, the Uncertainty Reduction Theory is definitely shown through Harry and Erica in the 2003 film, Something’s Gotta Give. In order to understand the theory and how it is shown through the film, it is important to have a little background on the movie itself. Something’s Gotta Give is a romantic comedy about Harry Sanborn, an aged music industry executive with a fondness for younger women and his encounter with Erica Barry, a divorced play writer. Harry is dating Erica’s daughter, Marin, who decides to take him to her mother’s beach home for the weekend. Unexpectedly Erica shows up with her sister, and they all agree to stay for the weekend. Harry suffers from a heart attack while romancing Marin, and soon ends up in the hospital. A young man who is Harry’s doctor finds himself falling for Erica immediately. Harry is left in the care of Erica and the doctor, and a love triangle starts to take shape. While “living” together, Harry and Erica are forced to get to know each other and soon find out, after many humorous moments, that they are in love. The two of them have to overcome some self related issues and soon find that they are perfect for each other.
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