Something I Wish I Had

Topics: Need, Want, Marriage Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Narrative Essay
Something I Wish I Had
Each person in this wonderful world surely had a wish that they want to achieve in their life. That is normal in human being life. Wishing to have something can be described in many ways. Maybe they want to have a latest gadget, a modern lifestyle, a big house at a peaceful place, and many more. Same goes with me. I have something I wish to have too. I wished to have a good life until the last breath of my life. There are many things that I wish I could achieve.

First of all, love. Why I started my point with the word ‘love’? This is because love was the most important things in human life, no exception in animals’ life too. Easy to say love is important to the whole living things in this world. Everyone needs love and for me I also need a love from our Almighty God, my beloved family and the love from everyone around me especially from my friends and teachers. Without loves from them, I am nothing. So that, if you wants to get a love from others, you needs to love yourself first then their love will comes to us.

Furthermore, I wishing to have a good career and get a big salary in my future. When I have a good career then get a big salary from my effort, I wish to contribute some of my money to bring happiness to others who are less fortunate in this world. So then, I can get the barakah in my life. That was the more important for me. I wants to help others person especially Muslim in this country and generally in this world. Then, when I had an effort, I wish to serve my parents. One of my missions is I want to brings my parents to Makkah with me and my husband one day. Even my parents had goes there for twice but I still wants to bring them with me again. Besides that, I will try to fulfill what they want to have for their happiness. This is the right time for me to pay back to my parents with what they had did for me from I am a baby until I be a successful person in my life. Their sacrifices are worth than others...
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