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Topics: Percussion instrument, Bass drum, Learning Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Something that I learned to do non academic is a to play cymbals. Why cymbals you may ask? Well I was never really interested in band even though I was in it for a year. I wasn’t interested in playing a wood, horn, or drum. I never knew that my school had cymbals cause my class period there were none. The first time that I ever seen actual cymbal players was at TSU football game. I saw how they twirled and danced as they played the instruments. My cousin was in the drum line he bounced around to instrument to instrument. Then he found his last option cymbals. He told me “Keandre why you don’t play in band anymore?” I said “they don’t have any interesting instrument s”. He said “you should play cymbals”. I immediately joined again. On my first day I had to learn the three basic skills on cymbals choke chase and crash. First was the crash. Crashing the cymbals you had to hold the left or right at an angle the hit it with the other. I could do this step it was the easiest. I never could mess up this step. Crash, crash, crash, one after another left then right then again. Most people that first learn the cymbals this step should come naturally. Next was choke a little more complex. I had to put my hands in the a certain way then had to act as if I was clapping my hand and then move the cymbals forward. I couldn’t do this motion right, I tried and either it was wrong or wasn’t loud enough. My instructors told me that I couldn’t keep moving forward unless I learn this step. I took my pair of cymbals home the next few days. Came back and perfected it like I was one of the cymbal players. The last step is chasing, when I do a little crash to a chock, right before you do the choke you turn your cymbals towards you. I couldn’t do this difficult step. I tried to watch the others do it but couldn’t, I was thinking of quitting but that wasn’t a factor this time. This is something I wanted to do. So I took my cymbals and watched an instructional video on Youtube. I found...
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