Something Thats Changed My Life

Topics: 2003 albums, Thought, Future Pages: 1 (379 words) Published: April 29, 2013
After reading over the topics I immediately started to think back in my memory, as I am conditioned that way. I didn't think of anything that could be described as "most important". A lot of people (adults) would answer, my marriage, the birth of my children, but nothing could be filtered out as the single most important moment. So I thought that it might come in the future, that I haven't experienced the most important moment in my life yet. But how can I know when that will be everyone ask ?

Of course, and you might have guessed it, that most important moment in my life is the moment I am in right now, the one I am living in. All that exists, all there is, is the now. The future can to some point be anticipated, but never controlled. The past is only memories, and the only moment you can deal with choices made in the past, is now. I’m going to explain the most impacting event that I have ever experienced. I never had a real dad that was always there by my side, to help me with my struggles in sports, or girls none of that. I was stuck with a single mother of 2, low paying job and we always had a struggle, it always came down to having no money, and we all know that in this society you need money. Everyone tries to start a relationship, and yes my mother tried a lot, but not all of them were successful. Until one morning I work up to the voice of a man in my kitchen, so I rolled out of bed not only to see the wonderful breakfast on the table but a stout looking man sitting at my kitchen table. My mom introduced me to him and at that point I didn’t know what to think, I didn’t even know what he was at my house for. So later that day after he had left I sat and my mom explained to me. Days and months passed and I could tell that this guy, Kevin, and my mom were happy, but from the start I didn’t know what was going to happen between us two. A few months later they got married
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