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OUYA Development Kit
Welcome to the OUYA ODK - the software development kit used to create games and applications for the OUYA console. Important Note: This preview version of the ODK is a work in progress, and is still under heavy development: • • • Payments security: We are still implementing these features. Your test calls to our payments API will work, but we will add new security features when real-money payments go live. Launcher: This is still in its earliest stages of development. For example, we are still implementing the display of game information like description, screenshots, etc. This will launch when we launch the gamer-facing discovery service. Controllers: The method used to associate a player with a specific game controller is a work in progress. The controller LEDs do not yet indicate the player number.

For help and support, visit the developer forums at, or email

Visit for the latest documentation. Contains an overview of the OUYA ODK and OUYA's in-app purchasing facility, and helps you set up the build environment.

Familiarize Yourself With the Pieces of the OUYA ODK Distribution In the root directory you will find: Welcome.pdf: This file. Licenses: The OUYA ODK depends on several open-source libraries. This directory contains a license file for each of these libraries. Samples: Sample applications to show you how to use the OUYA ODK. javadoc: Class- and method-level documentation for the OUYA ODK. This is viewable from any web browser. libs: The OUYA ODK and libraries that it depends on. OUYA-framework.apk: The OUYA framework software, required in order for the OUYA Launcher to work correctly. OUYA-launcher.apk: The OUYA launcher. Once this APK is installed on your Android device (or emulator), you can download and start your game the same way a normal OUYA console user would.

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