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Topics: American Civil War, Slavery in the United States, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 4 (961 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Chapter 19
The Party System
* Secession: The act of withdrawing formally from membership; South Withdrew from the Union starting civil war. * S. Carolina seceded first
* Condfederate States of America : New Nation made of the Southern states ; formed in Montgomery,Alabama * Occurred when President Lincoln took office
* Federal government had no power to stop the states from ceding from the Union * Seceding states had no military power to seize Fort Sumter nor Fort Pickens * Buchanan sent merchant ship= conted guns fired

* 1st shots between N and S
The National Government
* Crittenden Compromise submitted by John J. Crittenden; called for several constitutional amendments, which would guarantee the permanent existance of slavery in the slave states and would satisfy S demands such issues as fugitive slaves and slavery in D.C * Proposal to reestablish missouri comp. line in all future and present territory in US * Republicans don’t wanna accept going against position it agreed Presidents and Patronage

* Short supplies for union in fort
* Bombarded by P.G.T Beauregard
* Island was surrenedered
* Way to have prevented war- let the south surrender peacefully New Public Issues
* Union advant. : larger population, advanced indust. System and to manufacture most materials during war better transportation * S relied on Europe imports
* S advantages: Home field
The Grangers
* Homestead Act: permitted any citizen to claim 160 acres of public land for a small fee after living on it for 5 years * Morill Land Grant Act: Transferred substantial public acreage to the state gov which were to sell land and use to finance public education * Create ne state colleges and universities

* Congress passed tarriffs and end of ar
* Boon to domestic ind. For protection from foreign competition * Dream- complete transcontinental railroad
* Union Pacific and...
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