Something Amazing

Topics: Difference, Big Fish, Life of Pi Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: March 28, 2013
Ashley Larson
Period 2
Mr. Randolph
Life of Pi Comparison Essay

Something Amazing

The films, Life oh Pi and Big Fish have imaginary stories that are told through the lives of Pi Patel, and Edward Bloom. Pi Patel and Edward Bloom’s stories are very different, but at the end of both films the Japanese officials started to believe Pi. Similar to how Will Bloom, Edward’s son starts to believe the stories his father has been telling him. In each film the central theme is that the Japanese Officials and Will Bloom didn’t believe what they were hearing. In Life of Pi, something amazing happens to Pi. Pi’s life is saved while he survived with a tiger named Richard Parker. Pi is interviewed by two Japanese officials. The Japanese officials don’t believe what Pi is saying. Similarly, Will does not believe the stories his father Edward shares with him. These two different stories can be seen as tall tales due to the many unbelievable events. For example, when Pi Patel told the Japanese Officials about the tiger they didn’t believe one bit of what Pi was saying. We see that Will also does not believe his father’s stories when he says “You tell lies, dad.” The difference between Life of Pi and Big Fish is that the Japanese’s officials and Will Bloom have a different understanding of the storyteller. Will sees his father as a person who lies about events that didn’t actually happen. As Will says, “In telling the story of my father's life, it's impossible to separate fact from fiction, the man from the myth.” Will saw his father’s stories as lies that didn’t make any sense. Where in Life of Pi, the Japanese didn’t necessarily think Pi was lying. They wanted a “believable” story to tell in the newspaper. Life of Pi and the Big Fish have many similarities and many differences. The central theme of whether to believe the story or not creates a different sort of imagination. In the end of the films, both Pi Patel and Edward Bloom believe what they are hearing....
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