Someone I Admire

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I am currently looking for a part time position in an environment that offers a greater challenge, help my family with expenses and to keep aside most money earned for future use, and to have the opportunity to help the company advance efficiently and productively. Profile

I am a very motivational person who is very dependable with the ability to complete any job that is given to me to be accomplished on the date being requested. I am I never show up to any job being late if it is a football practice o have to attend or a school class. I act in a respectful way when it comes to other people such as customers and I also act in a way where I can relate and help the customer in any way they please. I am always a hard worker no matter what time I have to work at. I’m am a very attentive person and will always make sure I grasp every word and make sure I pay close attention to the precise way the task is being displayed so I can perform a 120% work effort. I will never give to a job unless the job is completely impossible but I find that is really unlikely to ever happen. I do ask questions when I do not know how to perform a task the way any boss would like to have me preform. I will always work a 120%. Skills Summary

* Computer Savvy * Great Oral Skills * Good communication skills * Writing| * Customer Service * Scheduling * Listening * Problem-solving| * Creative thinking * Self-Esteem * Group effectiveness * Leadership| Professional Experience

I am currently working as a coach for the Mississauga Warriors football League, which is a unpaid job. I am currently involved in a big leadership role which involves quick learning from the other coaches. Cooperation with the football players and coaches. Also involving teaching the players what they need to do to succeed.

Plowman’s Park Public School- gr 1-6 yrs.-2006-2009 (grad) Edenwood Middle School-...
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