Someone Who'Ll Watch over Me

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Professor Williams
Intro to Theater
October 3,2012
Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me
On October 2, I watched a play at Ohio State-Newark. The play was called Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me and was about these three men that were being held hostage. The content of the play was their life while being held captive by unseen guards. Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me is a play consisting of an adequate set, pleasing costumes, decent lighting, and admirable acting. When the lights came on, at the beginning of the play, there was a lot to take in. It was a box set with yellow peeling walls showing patches of brick, covered in dirt and age. Around the bottom and top of the set was a colorful chunky border with orange, purple, and greens. This seemed out of place to me. I couldn’t figure out why the director would want there to be a colorful, bright border if the rest of the walls were dirty and had a grey tint. Three mattresses lay against the walls with a few thin blankets and one pillow and a chair was thrown into the corner of their room. Also, each character had it’s water bottle. That seemed normal enough to me but I was confused as to why two bottles had no wrapper and one of the bottles had a Dasani wrapper. The three characters appeared to be wearing ordinary summer and spring clothes. The clothes they wore were dirty and torn up giving the appearance that they had been worn for quite some time. There were no shoes of any kind on the characters, which helped portray the fact that they were being held hostage. Also, I noticed the clothes represented the character’s homeland. Adam wore a t-shirt and running shorts representing America, Michael wore a button up shirt and cut-off khakis to represent England, and Edward wore khaki shorts and a white top for Ireland. The lights were set up in a unique way. There were spotlights filling the whole stage and one tiny light bulb that appeared to be hanging from a string in the center of the stage. My take...
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