Someone Special to Me

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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My Life, My World, My Daughter Erynn
Ebony Davis
AIU Online

The heart is very sensitive and locks in the things that are the closest to it. The feelings and emotions are all within the heart which brings about either hate or love. Everyone should have someone or something that is very special to them.

My Life, My World, My Daughter Erynn
Who is that special someone that holds your heart? The person who if you had to you would lay your life down for. I like to live by “if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything” On April 8, 2011 I finally met that special person who I knew then will always have a place in my heart. There are several reason why that significant person is special to me, the love, their personality, and they gave me direction in life. What means the world to someone is usually very special to them. My daughter Erynn is who holds the key to my heart. In The Beginning

The first reason why my daughter is so special to me is because of that unconditionally love. Since conceiving her I loved her from day one without even meeting her It’s so amazing for nine months to have another individual being inside. Going to all the doctor appointments to get checked up and hearing her breath. I couldn’t wait to meet her and on April 8, 2011 is when I did. Hearing her first cry made me cry it was an instant connection. When she was put in my arms I made a vow then to always be there and to love her no matter what. Funny Little Girl

The second reason Erynn is so special to me is because of her personality. Her birthday is April 8 and mine is April 4. Not only is we four days a part but we are both Aries. To me a sign really does have something to do with one’s personality. For example it’s said that Libra have attitudes. Don’t get me wrong I do not judge a person by their sign but I do believe in some of its characteristics. As an Aries it is said that they are funny and have a determined mindset. Now talking about my Erynn...
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