Someone Special

Topics: Family, Sibling, Mother Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Someone who is special in my life
Carolyn Karsa
English Composition 121
Valerie Brown
February 4, 2013

Someone who is special in my life; who is an inspiration in my life that have influence me from child birth. She bore seven children, I am the fifth child. She is my mother; my mother taught my sibling and I, the values of life. She had an incredible amount of wisdom the things she instilled in the family and how expressed herself in a humble. My mother could take a little and make it in to a lot so the family could keep flowing.’’ Growing up my sibling and I came up on the rough side of the mountains. We did not have a silver spoon in our mouth. My father was the bread winner of the family. My mother took care of the house making sure her family needs were meet. She would get up every morning to start up the fireplace so that we would be warm while getting prepare for school. After school she would have food on the table waiting on my sibling and I. When supper was finish it was time to get the home work done. Cause we knew she did not play when it came to our school home work. My parents always instilled in my sibling and I the important of an education. My parents did not have a suitable education but they made sure it was buried in their children. When traveling time which was not regular. My mother did not like to travel she enjoyed stating home during household choices. I was about fifteen (15) my mother told me you are going to college when; high school is completed. The words that she spoke after many years when by those words still remain with me until this day. She taught my sibling and I so many values about life, how to make end meet when there is just a small amount. When time to go to the supermarket she would sat my brother, sister and I down and explained to us on what we could get from the market. The things that we purchases were not much but to my sibling and I it seem like a million dollar. While in the supermarket walking up...
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