Someday We Did Not Have a Tv or Internet

Topics: Personal life, James Brown, World Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: April 13, 2011
What do you think the world would be like if some day we didn’t have a TV or Internet?

One of the most popular means of recreation at home is television. Similarly, Internet is the best mean for us to communicate and get information inside as well as outside our country. Therefore, they play very important roles in our life. In my opinion, our world would be so boring and uncomfortable if we didn’t have a TV or Internet. Firstly, without TV, how would people all over the world relax after long days working very hard in their busy daily life? In fact, TV is one of the most common means for people to relax after working hard, especially people living in the countryside. Therefore, human beings would be very sad and unhappy if there were no TV in their daily life. In addition, TV is the way for people to get the news inside and outside their countries. Consequently, their life would be very boring if they didn’t know what was happening around only because of there weren’t TV. Besides, if there were no means for them to relax to reduce stress in their life with a lot of troubles and difficulties, their health wouldn’t be good. Thus, they couldn’t feel that their life was meaningful, and of course, they couldn’t work more effectively. Secondly, the world’s economy wouldn’t be developed when we didn’t have the Internet. In fact, it is the Internet that helps our world smaller. In addition, almost all information in any aspects we can get from the Internet. Therefore, if we didn’t have the Internet, our life would be boring and uncomfortable because actually now we are used to getting information from the Internet. Besides, without the Internet, the businessmen all over the world couldn’t get information to one another to sign contracts, so surely our world’s economy would go down then. In short, if some day we didn’t have TV or Internet, our world would be very awful. Also, the standard of our living would be very miserable because we lacked two of the most...
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