Somebody's Mother Analysis

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Somebody’s Mother Analysis

Somebody’s Mother, by: Mary Dow Brine, is basically about somebody’s mother. The title of this poem implies that you will probably be reading about a mother and what she does. When you think of a mother, you think of a woman maybe in her thirties with kids who are around age five through nine, and possibly not afraid of anything you throw at her. That’s what is expected of a mother right? The first two lines of this poem imply the physical features of the mother. She is bent with the chill of winter’s day, meaning that she is probably frail. Then we find out her feet are aged and slow, telling us again she’s old and frail. We also find out that she’s alone. She is standing near a crossing and waiting to cross, but afraid to do so. No one tries to help her in any sort of way or even looks at her. It’s like she’s invisible. The next ten lines are about some schoolboys who are shoveling snow and also passing her by as well as some carriages passing in the street causing the woman not to cross. Suddenly, one of the schoolboys comes along and helps her cross the street. The woman is not at all scared by the boy. The boy then goes back to his friends and tells them that if his mother was in need that he hopes they would help her. The last few lines are about the woman praising God about how lovely and kind the boy was to her. This poem has few meanings to it, but they are deep in connotation. When the woman is standing at the cross walk unable to go, and scared that she might get run over if she does, that represents something in our lives. We want to do something, but there are obstacles in our way. For instance, if someone is searching and searching for a job and just doesn’t get one because of things happening in their life, then they are standing at the cross walk unable to cross. Also, the woman in the poem wants to cross the street, but it might be because she is too scared. We all have days where we want to do something but we are...
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