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  • Published : May 6, 2013
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Social networking sites such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ as well as blogging have destroyed communication between friends and family. Do you agree? Topic Sentence:

Social networking sites such as 'Facebook' and 'Twitter' as well as blogging does not destroy communication between friends and family because

Supporting Sentence 1:

I believe social networking sites are beneficial to our way of life because it increases the communication between friends and family as well as establishes new relationships based on mutual experiences and interests.

Supporting Details 1:
When an individual joins a social networking site such as Facebook or MySpace they are more than likely looking to connect with friends and family. That connection increases positive relationships among those established relationships. Pictures and videos are shared between the connected group which is a positive action

Supporting Details 2:

Also, the ability to build new relationships with people who share common friends and interests is another added benefit. Many social networking sites have interest groups on a wide range of topics and people can join those groups to discuss the subject with like minded people.

Supporting Sentence 2:

Technology is good for our social lives

Supporting Details 1

Because you can stay in touch with relatives/ friends. You also can find old college friends or one of your old teachers.

Supporting Details 2:

Also people say that you have more emotions over phones or computers. Scientists have proven that technology is helpfully to the younger age and not very much to the older wiser people of this age group.

Supporting Sentence 3:
to a certain extent they can spread important news quite rapidly.

Supporting Details 1:

Social networking sites like facebook and Twitter and Myspace do have the capacity to be beneficial to us. They can...
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