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Topics: Airport, Luggage, Flight attendant Pages: 14 (1753 words) Published: April 14, 2013
A:  airplane飞机  |  airport机场 |  airliner班机 |  airline航空公司  
airport terminal机场候机楼 |  airport fee机场费进站 |  arrivals(进港。到达)  
arriving from来自------ |  航空公司汽车服务处 airline coach service   
actual time实际时间 |  aircraft crew、air crew机务人员 |  airport bus机场巴士  
air hostess、stewardess空中小姐 |  air terminal航空集散站   
air-sickness bag晕机袋 |  air terminal候机室 |  armrest扶手  
arrival time到达时间 |
B:  baggage cart行李车 |  bus; coach service公共汽车 | boarding登机 |  bank银行  
boarding pass(card)登机牌 |  bar酒吧 |  Business Class商务客舱  
baggage claim area行李领取处 |  by air、by plane乘飞机   
  baggage claim area行李认领处|  baggage insurance行李保险      
baggage clerk, redcap行李搬运员 |  boarding check登机牌  
C:  carrier乘运人(公司)|  class(fare basis) 座舱等级 |  customs海关  
check-in登机手续 |  cash付款处 |  coach pick-u point大轿车乘车点  
car hire旅客自己驾车 |  coffee shop咖啡馆 |  checked baggage托运的行李  
currency declaration货币申报 |  customs service area海关申报处  
Can I put my baggage here?我能将手提行李放在这儿吗?  
Could you change my seat, please?是否可替我更换座位?  
Could you tell me how to fill?请告诉我如何填写这张表格?  
check in办理登机手续 |  checkout办理离开手续 |  channel通道  
certificate of vaccination预防接种证书 |  customs formalities报关单  
customs declaration form报关单 |  customs procedure海关手续  
civil、interior国内 |  Could u please repeat that?请求对方再说一次  
currency exchange shop外币兑换店 |  carry-on baggage随身行李  
D:  domestic airport国内机场 |  date起飞日期 |  domestic departure国内航班出站  
duty-free免税店 |  departure lounge候机室 |  departure to前往------ | delayed延误  
departure time起飞时间 |  downstairs由此下楼 | departures出站、出港、离开  
Domestic Flight  |  Do you have anything to declare?国内班机您有任何东西要申报吗?  
Do you have Chinese Newspaper?你有中文报纸吗?|  dutiable articles税物件  
delay航班误点 |  departure time起飞时间 |  Dialogue对话  
E:  exit出口机票 |  endorsement/restrictions指限定条件 |  Economy Class经济舱  
Excuse me, where is the baggage claim area?对不起,哪里是行李提领区?  
earplug耳塞 |  eye-mask 眼罩 |  emergency exit紧急出口 |  exchange rate汇率  
F:  flight no航班号 |  from起点城市 |  FLT No(flight number)航班号   
First Class头等舱 |  Flight Number班机号码 |  flight schedule航班时间表  
first class 一等舱
G:  gate ;departure gate登机口 |  greeting arriving迎宾处 |  goods to declare报关物品    
H:  hotel;reservation订旅馆 |  How much is airfare?机票多少钱?  
How much longer does it take to get to Honolulu ?还要多久到达檀香山?  
How long are you going to stay in America?您要在美国待多久?  
health certificate健康证明 |  headset plug耳机插头
I: international airport国际机场 |  international terminal国际候机楼  
international departure国际航班出港 |  international passengers国际航班旅客中转  
I feel cool, may I have a blanket?请给我一条毯子好吗?|  International Flight国际航班  
in入口 |  I’d like to reconfirm my plane reservation please.我想要确认我预订的机位。  
I feel a little sick, can I have some medicine?是否可以给我一些药?|  international国际  
I’m anxious about my connecting flight.我担心能否赶上转机班机。  
I’d like to make a reservation for a flight to New York on September 15th.  
L: luggage tag行李牌 |  luggage locker行李暂存箱 |  lavatory盥洗室  
luggage claim ;baggage claim transfers行李领取处
luggage tag行李签 |  luggage compartment行李舱架 |  landing着陆  
luggage cart行李推车 |  life vest救生衣
landed up transfer passengers中转旅客中转处
N: name of passenger旅客姓名 |  non-smoking seat非吸烟席 |  noting to declare不需报关  
non-stop flight to飞往
M: money exchange; currency exchange货币兑换处 |  May I smoke?我是否可以抽烟?  
May I recline my seat?.我是否可将座位向后倾倒?
May I have a deck of playing cars? 可不可以给我一副扑克牌?  
May I see your passport, please.请出示您的护照。
O: out; way out出口 |  Occupied使用中 |  off-peak season淡季 |  One-way Ticket单程机票  
oxygen mask氧气面罩
P: passport control immigration办理护照检查处 |  plane No.机号 |  post office邮局  
public phone; telephone公用电话 |  personal valuables个人贵重物品 |  pilot机长  
passenger cabin客舱
R: restaurant餐厅 |  rocking;bumping;tossing颠簸
rail ticket出售火车票 |  Round-Trip Ticket来回机票  
S: status订座情况 |  seat No.机座号 |  smoking seat吸烟坐位   
 seat recliner button座位倾斜扭 |  satellite卫星楼 |  seat belt安全带  
scheduled time预计时间已降落 | steward乘务员 | safety...
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