Some Reasons Why Sports is Not Beneficial

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Sport is not beneficial. There were some reasons that are not beneficial to the society such as betting money in sports or get injured and. People who are gambling a lot, it may lead them to lose everything they have. Sports player who are getting injure, their bodies might became bad conditions and they might not be able to play any sports anymore.

The first reason is that there are a lot of people who get involve with criminal because sports. There are sports betting operation which is not legally and people were getting addicted from betting sport. As a result, they lost everything in their live or even get their family involves to their debt. From thinking that way, they might think about becoming a thief and stole from other people or worse, they kill innocent people without a reason and took the money. People who were addicted in gambling they will never quit because all they thinking is to win and it is not going to happen to them.

The second reason sports player will get to injure and became bad health status. Like UFC show, boxers may lead them to be in dangers with real fighting and real blood or sometimes they might get broken their arms or leg. Plus, they would be like that to the end of their life. And all things they got are bad health.

Sports are not directly harmful to people. The effects from sports do that. Moreover, people should know what is right about sports. Sports is entertaining things, it will not turn people into bad way if people do not control their thinking.
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