“Some Reasons of Political Corruption in Brazil”.

Topics: Political corruption, Politics, São Paulo Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: June 16, 2011
“Some reasons of political corruption in Brazil”.

Brazil has one of the highest corruption records among 212 countries analyzed by the World Bank in 2009 and reported on its Good Government Index at the same year. There are many reasons to explain such a high number of political corruption in Brazil. On this work I will dissert about three of them, the cultural roots of the country, its social inequality and the fault law system. According to the World Bank “Brazil needs to combat these problems to eradicate political corruption”.

Since time of colonization voting on a politician for personal reasons is a common practice in Brazil and it seems that most Brazilians got used to it. In addition to that the social inequality and the lack of opportunities lead people to doing so. It is very common you hear people say that they are going to vote on a candidate or give him support in exchange for a job position for example. Last election for instance a friend of my asked me to vote on the candidate he was supporting because if his candidate won he would get a really good job position and could also help me on get one as well. That needs to change, Brazilians need to understand that we must choose our candidates because of their government proposes and not for personal reasons.

Another point we need to work on is our law system has many gaps that allows corrupt politicians to evade from being the punishment as they should. A good example of what I am saying is the case of Paulo Maluf, the former mayor of São Paulo City, who was associated and found guilty of a series of corruption scandals such as overbilling schools lunches and using public funds for personal purposes. Maluf ended up not serving the sentence he was condemned to due to the gaps on the Brazilian law system that allowed his lawyer to find a way out for him.

Besides, as there is not limits for private financial support of political campaigns many businessmen invest huge amounts of money...
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