Some People Think They Should Not Pay Tax to State. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree? Give the Reason That You Agree or Disagree or the Examples.

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Nowadays, whether citizens should pay tax to their countries or not is becoming a frequent topic of discussion. From my own perspective, I hold the opinion that people are supposed to pay tax to state and I am going to argue about this issue as well as exhibit my own ideas in this essay.

To be sure, I would acknowledge that there exist rational reasons for not paying tax to state. The most important one is that residents can undoubtedly feel stressed because of being asked for paying tax to their countries, especially for poor families in developing countries. For instance, in a relatively poor family, low disposable income will become much lower after paying tax to state and there is no denying that the living standard of this family decreases and people in this family have to live a hard life. It is evident that numerous examples like this are harmful to the construction of harmonious society. The incidence of crime may drive up when some citizens are obliged to live in poverty and cannot enjoy happy lives like others. In the long run, social stability, therefore, will be badly influenced. So the abolition of the taxation system should be taken into consideration due to this serious situation.

Nevertheless, there are more advantages can be seen clearly from the taxation system. To start with, it is every individual’s duty to make efforts to help the development of a state in the contemporary world. Paying tax can be one of a good ways, hence. Governments of countries will increase people’s living standard by perfecting the public infrastructure construction more easily and effectively with the help of taxation system. Moreover, advanced taxation system can boost economy in a state. For example, in China, tax is the main source of finance revenue. The economy in China has developed at an astonishing speed in the latest 20 years, as is known to all. GDP index in China ranked top three around the world in latest years and continued. It goes without saying...
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