Some People Think That They Can Learn Better by Themselves Than with a Teacher. Others Think That It Is Always Better to Have a Teacher. Which Do You Prefer? Use Specific Reasons to Develop Your Essay.

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  • Published : October 7, 2011
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It is certainly said that learning is ongoing process. Time spins and with every spin one is learnt something new according to age, experiences of own or of others or education. But it’s better to have teacher for basic level studies for any subject.

In modern education system, students are provided with some group work like projects, thesis and presentation. This sort of experience gives opportunity to the pupils to develop their interpersonal skills. Because in this way, they can learn better by discuss the topics with one another. In such situations teachers serve as a problem solver.

Teachers with adequate knowledge along with their teaching experience know all the possible ways to make subject easier for their students. For instance, some week students are guided accordingly their mental ability, with making studies as a fun for them by a competent teacher. Teacher always provides a good direction his student to achieve a goal.

On the other hand, in the competitive world, everybody is busy; some people think that rather to waste their time to go for classes they can learn better with attend online classes using internet at home. They can get relevant information from internet regarding their topic. There is not specific time, age limit to learn something new which we can learn with the experience such as etiquettes, new habits and so on.

To conclude, I would like to say that it is essential to learn initially from the teacher to make our basics strong, and to be an expert in any field it’s better to learn from one’s mistakes.
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