Some People Think That the Family Is the Most Important Influence on Young Adults. Other People Think That Friends Are the Most Important Influence on Young Adults. Which View Do You Agree with? Use Examples to Support Your Position.

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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There have been strong debates on whether or not family or friends impact the most important influences on young adults. While some people adhere that friends effect the most important decisions on their peers, in my opinion, the family has the most important influences on young adults. Reasons for my viewpoint will be discussed below.

First and foremost, parents always want the best from their children. When a child is growing up, parents always study his or her habits and know his most likes and dislikes. The family then do all it can in order to make the child successful by providing all the necessary assistance to the child. This is not the same case if the child meets friend who have not been with him or her for such a long period of time, and there is no doubt that what he or she proposes, will be contrary and somehow, will not be pleasing to his peer.

Secondly, young adults get the most important advice from their family rather than from friends. Parents always monitor the progress of their children, and at any point where there are going in the wrong direction, they will know the way and how to tell the child that "my son or daughter, what you doing is not right, this is how you are supposed to do it". This is not the same case with friends. When their peers do something in the contrary, they will instead laugh at them, in order to discourage them the more. A good example is when some children receive their test papers and score low. Their peers, who have done well, will jubilate over their failure.

Lastly, friends like fun rather than spending time doing things that will be beneficial for the future of their friends. For instance, most of the time when I was still a teenager, my friends will always asked me to go with them to the beach, play football and watch films. None of them cared whether I studied or not, which was the primary thing I was supposed to do at the point in time to build my future career. However, our family will always tell...
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