Some People Prefer to Wark for a Large Company, Others Choose Small Ones, What Would You Opt for and Why?

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  • Published : December 13, 2011
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Some people prefer to work for a large company. Others prefer to work for a small company. Which would you prefer?

What large company can give you is rather different from what you can get from a small one. Each one has its benefits and perks, and what to choose depends on your long term goals, lifestyle, personality and so on because of the difference in corporate structure, staff turnover rate and goals between large and small companies.

Concerning small ones, employees get much more freedom because of more simplified delegation system and organizational structure, also they know practically every colleague, small business has often much more human face, but often lack ambition and canitions for employees self realization. As for me, in long run, I’d prefer the large respectable company to work for.

Firstly, because of the experience you get. Joining a large company gives you an excellent opportunity to get quick start with the training system available at nearly every large respectable company. Also many companies provide a rotation program for their new managers, so those could understand the whole function of the company more deeply and directly.

What’s more, large companies usually have better promotion ladder and perks system. There is an objective and transparent system, like annual meetings to evaluate performance of employees. On the basis of the meetings employees get various bonuses and extra benefits, not talking about the money. The larger company is, the higher rewards are.

In addition, most of the recruiters value the name and reputation of the company that you have worked for. For example working for a big honored company for some time proves your working abilities, stress resistance, experience and so on. In the future if you have to leave, you will definitely find at least an equal place or even better one.

To conclude, in my opinion, large companies provide much more bonuses and career building opportunities, that’s why I’d...
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