Some People Like to Be the Leader of a Group.Others Like to Be a Member of a Group in Wich Another Is the Leader.Which Do You Prefer?

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  • Published : April 13, 2011
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All over the world, when people want to do a movement efficiency, they make a group. After that, they will divide into two kinds: on kind want to be the leader and other prefer to be the members. I like to be the leader of the group because of two main reasons. One of my reasons is that I know how to assume a group to its purposes. I believe that one of administrator’s characteristics is well leading in order to achieve the goals. If a leader control and guide the group to its aims in an efficient manner, he will succeed in his job. In addition, Strong leaders can lead through any situation. When things get difficult, they can make decisions based on logic and fact. For example, two years ago I was a member of a researching group. Our leader was very strong because he knew how to steer the group easily. So very soon we got beneficial results from our researches. My other reason is that I think I’m brave and honest enough in order to be a popular leader. I think that these two characteristics are very important and vital for multitudes. For instance, sometimes the group must continue its job at a high risk situation. But if the leader of that bond doesn’t be gritty, the group will be defeated so soon. In addition when a leader doesn’t be honest, the group will not rely on his words. Therefore, they cannot hang on its working. In summary, I think the most characteristics of a good leader which I have are being honest, brave, and knowing how to control the group in any situations.
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