Some People Claim That International Sports Competitions Bring Countries Together. Other Disagree.

Topics: Competition, Discrimination, Hatred Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Some people claim that international sports competitions bring countries together. Other disagree.

People have various opinions about everything, that depend on their point of view, so it is with sports. Sports have always been important component in society. Some people say that international sports events bring countries closer for some reasons, while other people think opposite.                   Good thing about international sports events is that people who participate are usually against discrimination on any level. That way people watching their favorite players, or even idols, who are against bullying and discrimination, can change their attitude towards different people. One more positive thing is that people usually, if their country is not in competition, cheer for other country and in that way there is more love between residents of those countries. If nothing else, people who travel to see sports events live, meet new people and cultures.                    On the other hand, really negative thing about it is that, if there is some intolerance between fans of different teams, there is a chance that there will be some fights and negative feelings between them and hatred will grow. As there are many different people visiting sports events and participating and a lot of people who hate different, they might be bullied and riots could erupt. Not so good thing about them is that cities and countries where they are being hold become too crowded with people and robberies and different vandalisms are plausible.                      All in all, I think that international sports events bring countries closer more than they separate them. All people visiting and taking part in competitions should be aware that sports are here for fun and amusement and that there is not place for hate or negative vibrations.
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