Some People Are Meant To Live Alone and Pioneers, Oh, Pioneers: Beginning of the Caribbean Writing Style

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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William Strickland
English 1102
Professor Harris
February, 6, 2013

Brown, Stewart, and John Wickham. "Pioneers." Introduction. The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. Xix-xiii. Print.
I believe that "Some People are Meant to Live Alone" and "Pioneers, Oh, Pioneers" both reflect the beginning of the Caribbean writing style. You can tell through the characters and settings that the writing reflects the Caribbean. The authors describe the settings and the main characters as you were standing right in front of them. I believe that the authors, Frank Collymore and Jean Rhys, have to describe the characters and setting intensively to get the point across so that these stories have a Caribbean background. During that time most writers were getting away from writing with the Caribbean background. "There is little that is obviously Caribbean except a few details of the setting like the references to jalousies and whistling frogs and while we can admire its particular qualities this story also serves to remind us of the cultural assumptions many of the other writers in the anthology have striven to break away from." But as I said, in these stories the characters and the settings bring forth the Caribbean background. In the two stories that I have chosen, there are some themes that they both share. The main characters are both isolated from other people, rumors are often spread about them, and they are often thought bad of on the island. All of these themes or characteristics can be related with the Caribbean background during the Pioneer Movement. Because during that time it was important of your status and color on these islands. Collymore, Frank. "Some People Are Meant to Live Alone." The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories. By Stewart Brown and John Wickham. Oxford: Oxford UP, 1999. 1-8. Print.

In "Some People are Meant to Live Alone" the character is isolated from other people on the island. This relates to the beginning of...
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