Some of the Issues Affecting the Current Marketing Communication Strategies Are

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Marketing communication is mostly known as “ the process by which the marketer develops and presents an appropriate set of communication stimulus to a defined target audience with the intention of eliciting a decisive set of responses”( Yeshin, 1999). Therefore, it is the process whereby thoughts are shared and meanings conveyed in a convincing manner by an organization to its target audience for the patronage of their product and services over their competitors with the use of the promotional mix.

In other for an organizations product and services to sell, the organization needs to develop an effective marketing communication strategy. Marketing communication strategy defines the business plan for product information dissemination and brand awareness development. It devices the means for an organization to achieve it course of action. A marketing communication appropriate strategy increases the company’s chances to accurately transmit the product benefit and to have the message positively received by the customer. The business is likely to benefits from customer goodwill when the company story or customer testimonial strategies are used. With the rapidly developing use of newer technologies such as internet, Organizations need to be aware of the changes taken place and how this will affect their communication strategies.

Some of the issues affecting the current marketing communication strategies are; Convergence of tools / technologies
How and when to use the best combination of marketing communication tools is a major issue to a firm? The major forms of a marketing communication tools consist of; Advertising, that is the mass awareness of a company’s brand to the customer. It involves the use of television, newspapers, radio, magazines and other media. Personal selling is also termed as the face-to-face selling, whereby sales people inform, educate and persuade prospective buyers to purchase the company’s products and services. Sales promotion...
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