Some Like It Hot - Station Sequence

Topics: Woman, Gender, Academy Award for Best Actor Pages: 4 (1208 words) Published: November 28, 2010
In the previous sequence, Joe imitated a feminine voice to get a job with Jerry in a group of female musicians. But an ellipsis deals with their disguise, obscured by a continuity shot. Thus it is a way two new feminine characters who appear on the platform. This sequence also marks the appearance of Sugar/Marilyn and the confrontation of the single men with 'a completely different sex'.

1.Tracking in with a background of nervous jazz : a close shot shows the back of the two musicians, from waist to heels. We recognize them thanks to their instruments : on the left, with the bow legs which hardly hold on the high heels belong to the player of double bass, Jerry. On the right, Joe walks more straight ahead, but the muscles of his calves are not less bulging. The extras who overtake them are all men, what even more points up their femininity.

2.From then now, the tracking out shows us the “result” of the disguise in the face. Joe, made up tastefully, makes a likely and elegant woman, his white fur collar contrasting with his dark clothes; Jerry, with his more extravagant leopardskin collar enhanced by a rustle and by a double feather on his cloche hat, mixes in his clothes hairs, feathers and petals. His lipstick extends widely beyond his upper lip, we guess he is worry thanks to a pout. In voice-over, an announcement of the station tells that the train which Joe and Jerry get ready to take is the “Florida Limited”, that goes to Miami. The musicians thus get the job in the girls' orchestra, but will they go through the test of the disguise?

3.4. Close shots on Joe, then on Jerry, each of them seems to take a detached expression in a weak-willed manner. They allow to see closer how each acts like a woman : Joe, simpering, glancing aside, is in the register of seduction. Jerry, in perpetual adjustment, oscillates between the girl (when he opens wide eyes) and the lady

5.6.7.Follow-up of the tracking in in the back. First lurch of Jerry, who twists his...
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