Some Like It Hot Movie Refection

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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Cassandra Calvin
THE 2252-001
March 1, 2011
Film Response # 2

Film Response 2 Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot

For my response I decided to write about the film Some Like it Hot. Previous to this class I had never seen a film with Marilyn Monroe featured in it. After watching this movie I was glad that I picked it because all of the actors did a phenomenal job. This movie was I feel did a really good job in displaying the transition of sexual attitudes in the 1950’s. Also in Some Like it Hot, Marilyn Monroe does a really good job pushing cultural boundaries by taking the typical conservative look and making it sexy. These were just some of the cultural changes that she had contributed in this film.

Some Like it hot was a movie based upon two men wanting to escape from potentially being killed by mob leaders. During this they find a music company that is hiring and claim to be women so that way the two of them can be casted. The movie’s main plot is centered on this but I feel that all of the cultural influences that this movie is trying to display is by the character Sugar that Marilyn Monroe plays.

Monroe plays the role of Sugar in Some Like it Hot. I feel that this is the most significant role in the film because she is the object of attention to the two male cross-dressers. Monroe’s acting is important in the way that she appeals to these men. In the film she is oblivious to sex. She is unaware that she is melting the men into helpless desire. But that is what I feel this film is all about. Monroe goes against the typical conservative way of dressing and acting and brings about her own self-expression. She wears dresses that are almost see through as supposed to the long poodle skirts, and other types of dresses that women wore in the fifties. All of these decisions that she made to go against the conservative culture of the fifties was why she was so important.

One of the major barriers that Marilyn Monroe broke as an actor was the Madonna/...
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