Some Like It Hot

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  • Published : November 11, 2008
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Some Like It Hot is a very comical farce where two men cross dress and join an all girl band to avoid being caught by gangsters. Little did these two men know, they would highlight the feminine attributes of their personalities opening an entire new outlook upon themselves.

After witnessing a brutal gangster murder, Joe and Jerry played by Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon, flee for their lives and temporarily change their names. This was one of the first times Jerry showed femininity as he chose the name Daphne over Geraldine. When asked why by Joe, Jerry stated, “I never really like the name Geraldine.”

Jerry was most involved with his role as Daphne as he learned what it felt like to be loved, and cared for, much to his discretion by another man. Osgood Fielding fell in love with Daphne, which is clearly farce as Daphne had very masculine features and always gave subtle hints that she was a man. Though innocent and naive, Fielding truly did love Daphne and proposed to her. This helped Jerry experience what women feel when they are proposed to.

Joe used Josephine to get close to Sugar Kane, played by Marilyn Monroe. When she learned to trust Josephine, Sugar expressed herself to Josephine, enlightening Joe and eventually changing Joe’s overall take on women. Although Joe wasn’t as engrossed in his role as Josephine as Jerry was in Daphne, partly because he had another role as Shell Oil to keep up, he realizes his mistake in using women to get what he wants.

Even though the men are cross-dressing in this picture, there is no reference to homosexuality as the men are always fighting the sexual urges for the women they encounter. Wilder emphasized this point this well with comical comments. The black and white contribute to the time period of the picture and help the audience truly believe that Joe and Jerry are women. The costumes were excellently decided as Sugars Kane’s costume related to her feelings and Josephine and Daphne’s were related to...
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