Some Like It Hot

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  • Published : October 2, 2008
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Romance, action, and comedy, these are just some of the main genres in today’s movie market that are most widely known and viewed. Although there are many others that people don’t think about. A perfect example is the 1959 classic Some Like It Hot. This is a perfect example of the lesser known genre known as temporary transvestite. It portrays the life of two Chicago guys on the run from the mob and gets away by disguising themselves as two women on there way to Miami with an all girl jazz band. Some Like It Hot stars Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane, Tony Curtis as Joe/Josephine, and Jack Lemmon as Jerry/Daphne. It was also directed by Billy Wilder; a former screen writer for many German movies, then immigrated to Paris and then he made his way to Hollywood. For the making of this motion picture Billy Wilder used a three act structure. That means the movie takes place in three different places. First it takes place in Chicago, then its taking place on a train, and it finally ends when there in Florida. Films in which the main character or characters have to disguise themselves by cross dressing have remained very popular among the gay and lesbian community. This is because of the humor that takes place thus creating a since of control towards homosexual stereotypes. Not only are temporary transvestite films popular among the gay community they are also very popular with the straight community as well. This is because there are two sides to the story. There is the homosexual side where there are two members that appear as the same sex. For example when Joe also know as “Josephine” walks down the stairs and sees Sugar singing, she really being a man walks up to Marilyn Monroe’s character and they make it look like two women are kissing. Then there is the heterosexual side. The character Jerry is also dressed up as a woman but another man by the name of Osgood has fallen in love with “Daphne” otherwise known as Jerry to the audience. At the end of...
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