Some Like It Hot

Topics: Debut albums, Dress, Transgender Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: October 2, 2008
The temporary transvestite films have offered a different perspective for a mass audience that isn’t used to these different gender constructions. In the movie I watched, Some Like it Hot, they did a very good job by making the whole disguise thing very funny and easy to follow once you get into it. It wasn’t normal at all back in the 50s for any one sex to dress like another. There was a very large audience that wanted to see these transvestites dressed in different situations, getting away from the mob and dressing up as girls so they could join a band and get away for a few weeks from them.

The director of this film makes sure that whenever Sugar is on the screen that she is lit up with all sorts of light to make her attractiveness stand out to these two guys who are supposed to be men under the dresses. Because Sugar is flaunting herself, this causes the two guys to start worrying about themselves being revealed just because they are even more tempted now that they know their train is filled with attractive girls everywhere. It is even more of a tease when Sugar climbs up into bed with one of the girls and ends up getting really cuddly with them. The two transvestites in this movie do a really good job in the beginning of the movie keeping everything funny and making it interesting at the same time.

There were certain reactions that would take place throughout the movie that would almost give it away that these two guys were actually dressed as girls. It would be normal reactions for these guys because it is just biological things that we are accustomed to doing. Something like walking to the men’s bathroom instead of the women’s would be one example. When you see an attractive girl walking around and you’re a guy you usually want to stop for a second and check her out, but when your dressed as a girl you have to make sure that you won’t get noticed because that’s just not the normal thing. The disguises that were used fit perfectly and the actors did a...
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